About us

Our Mission
  • Creating a networking platform for machine learning (ML) and data science (DS) enthusiasts.
  • Organising activities, workshops, guest lectures, seminars, conferences and major events related to ML and DS in Nepal and outside Nepal.
  • Publishing blog posts, articles and well written and peer reviewed papers related to ML and DS.
  • Promote the research work done by students and researchers by providing them funding and necessary support for the publications in international conferences and journals when qualified.
  • Promoting scope of IT and digitalisation for the rural development of Nepal.
Our Vision
  • Be a world renowned non-profitable ML and DS networking platform with research capabilities organising in Nepal.
Our Strategy
  • Organise national and international events frequently.
  • Create branches in the regional and lower level.
  • Accept technical, economical and related donation for the development and supportive works.
  • Promote research and innovation to come up with break through ideas.

Get to know us better.

We are trying to bring all machine learning and data science enthusiast working in Nepal and around the world who truly believe machine learning and data science technology have the greatest potentials to transform any society for the better.

To cultivate the environment for growing interest about data science and machine learning among teens and college graduates, we have planned to organize a national workshop on machine leanrnig and data science annually.

The workshop will bring the data science and machine learning expert and student together to share the knowledge in this field.

We have the team of following members:

Dr. Jhanak Parajuli

He did his PhD. In Computer science and Electrical Engineering, Jacobs University Bremen, Germany in 2012. Currently he is a program Manager and Data Scientist at DHL Express, Global Head Office, Bonn, Germany. His core competence includes:

  • Data Science: Data extraction, preprocessing, visualization, modelling and model validation plus deployment. Experience with time series data, non-time series data, text data, image data and real-time sensor data. Python, R and Matlab as programming tools, with core expertise in Python.
  • Machine Learning algorithms (Supervised, unsupervised and reinforcement learning). Possess strong theoretical and practical knowledge and experience of working with real projects. Special expertise in scikit-learn.
  • Deep Learning techniques and implementation: Especially experienced with Recurrent Neural Network and Convolutional Neural Network; implementation using Tensorflow and Keras
  • Mathematics (Linear Algebra, Multi-variable Calculus, Convex Optimization),
  • Probability and Statistics,
  • Big Data Concepts and tools: Hadoop, NoSQL, Spark,
  • Internet of Things,
  • Wireless communications- Interference management, MIMO, 5G

Mr. Tej Shahi

Lecturer, Tribhuvan University

Mr. Tej Bahadur Shahi is a lecturer at Central Department of Computer Science and Information Technology, TU. His research interest includes Natural language processing and machine learning. He has served Nepal Government for more than four years as an information technology officer, before joining the university

Mr. Surya Basnet

Program Coordinator, BIM, KIST College