Call For Poster

Call For Poster

The main goal of our workshop is to provide basic knowledge on data science projects along with machine learning and deep learning algorithms. We work on multiple real life projects in a team and build a complete solution using python.

We invite high-quality poster presentations for the 3rd National Workshop on Machine Learning and Data Science, 2020. Graduate and undergraduate students are encouraged to submit their on-going or completed project as a poster in this workshop. Each poster will be reviewed by a committee of experts and notification of the decision will be sent out to authors.

We invite posters on work related to the following topics:

  1.   Machine learning and its applications
  2.   Data Science - Analytics and Interpretation
  3.   Deep Learning
  4.   Reinforcement Learning
  5.   Natural Language Processing
  6.   Computer Vision and Image Processing
  7.   Big Data Processing
  8.   Recommender Systems

Important Date

Abstract Registration Deadline : July 20, 2020

Submission Deadline: July 22, 2020

Submission Link

The poster submission should be done through easy chair conference management system.

The easy chair link is:

All questions about submissions should be emailed to

Submission Guidelines

Your submission should consist of

  1. The poster abstract and
  2. The poster draft.

Poster abstract:

Poster abstract should follow the following structure:

  1. An introductory statement that outlines the background as well as the significance of your project/study
  2. A clear description of the methodology of project/research.
  3. A clear indication of the findings of your project/research
  4. A conclusion.

Poster draft:

Before acceptance of the poster, you need to submit the poster draft so that reviewers can provide you the feedback. Please submit the poster draft with letter paper (normal size).

The poster presentations will be conducted online during the specified time.


All questions about submissions should be emailed to